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At the Comprehensive Breast Center, we can use several different techniques to biopsy a palpable mass in the breast, mammographic abnormality, or an abnormality only seen on ultrasound. A minimally invasive biopsy technique is a procedure where the physician takes a sample of breast tissue using- fine needles, hollow core needles or specialized biopsy devices. The procedures are performed under local anesthetic through a small 5-7 mm incision. Minimally invasive biopsy offers:

  • a high degree of accuracy
  • with minimal scarring
  • preserves normal tissue
  • better cosmetic results
  • keeps all treatment options open
  • quick recovery

A stereotactic breast biopsy is a type of minimally invasive biopsy that is performed using mammography (x-rays) to locate and biopsy breast abnormalities that been detected on a mammogram but not felt during a physical exam. The procedure is performed in an office setting. During the procedure, a patient lies face down on a special table with her breast protruding through a hole in the table's surface. The table is connected to a computer that produces detailed x-ray images of the abnormality to be biopsied. Using these images, the doctor guides a special core needle sampling device into the suspicious lesion to collect tissue specimens.

If a lesion is not seen on mammography but is detected on ultrasound, we can use an ultrasound probe and a biopsy core needle is directed into the lesion under direct ultrasound vision for the biopsy. We utilize both the Vacora and Mammosite breast biopsy devices for these procedures.

In the majority of patients, the minimally invasive biopsy is the preferred first step. However, in a small percentage of patients, will require surgery as the initial first step. Consult with your physician regarding your specific needs.

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