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At Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, medical records are provided at no cost to you through MediCopy. Below you will find instructions on how to submit a request for medical records. If you have questions about the process, please call MediCopy at 866-587-6274 or chat online at

Steps for Requesting Your Medical Records

  1. Click here to complete and submit an authorization form online
  2. Once received, MediCopy will begin fulfilling your request
  3. Records will be sent to the designated party via the delivery method specified on the authorization form
Requests are completed within two business days after receipt by MediCopy. Please make sure you have completed the authorization form in its entirety. If any required information is left off, this could cause a delay in the fulfillment of the request.

Please click here for more information and for alternative authorization form submission methods.

Third party requesters such as insurance companies, record retrieval companies and attorneys – please click here.


 What is MediCopy and what exactly do they do?

MediCopy is a Health Information Management Service Provider that partners with healthcare facilities to release copies of medical records and complete Disability and FMLA forms.

 Why do I have to sign an authorization form?

Under HIPAA, a signed authorization is required to fulfill a request for your medical records. For your security, the authorization must be completed in its entirety. If sections of the authorization form are incomplete, we will be unable to fulfill your request, therefore delaying the process of obtaining your medical records. MediCopy is only authorized to release the medical records based on the information entered into “WHERE ARE THE RECORDS GOING.” Any changes to the recipient of the medical records will require a new authorization.

 I submitted my authorization, what happens next?

If you submitted your authorization on MediCopy’s website, received your confirmation email and clicked confirm, please allow a couple of days for them to process and send out your records! If you completed the authorization in person, it will be forwarded to MediCopy for processing. Once it gets to MediCopy, it will be processed it in two business days! An Account Manager will then retrieve the requested medical records directly from your electronic medical record (EMR). If payment is required, the invoice will be billed to the appropriate party prior to sending the records. If payment is not required, records will be immediately released to the designated party per your authorization.

 Is there a charge for copies of medical records?

When records are to be delivered via email, there will be no charge. If paper records are to be mailed, a small charge to cover postage and paper may be charged. Please be aware that this is only for patients receiving their own records for personal use.

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