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Manage Your Health Online!

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic is excited to bring our patients the latest advance in personal health care management – and YOU’RE in the driver’s seat. Welcome to MMC and Me Patient Health Portal, the next big leap in health technology.

MMC and Me is a secure, convenient way to manage your personal health care and communicate directly with your doctor’s office online. This FREE self-service health management tool can improve interactions with your doctor’s office, document important health care information and ultimately give you the ability to make more informed decisions about your health!

If you are interested in a proxy account for your child’s records, please contact FMH Support at 888-670-9775 (an account will not be processed if you use the link below for minors between the ages of birth - 17).

**Please note that parents can obtain access to their child’s records from birth to age 12, but the MMC and Me account will be suspended when the child turns 13 years of age due to TN state law that allows the minor to obtain certain treatment without parental consent. New accounts will not be created for the ages of 13-17 due to this law. All requests must be made by a legal parent only.

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    View your health information electronically via a web browser
    Your health information is posted to a highly secure data repository
    Review and update your health history and personal health records online
  • Expedite appointment check-ins by completing and submitting forms online 
  • Download, fax, and email select health information – immunizations history, school exam forms, and more 
  • View personal health information from other participating organizations 
  • Review your personal medical records, including office visits, physician notes, conditions, and medications 
  • View test and lab results
  • Request appointments when it’s convenient for you
  • Request prescription refills
  • Send and receive messages from your Doctor’s office
  • Receive reminders for preventative and follow-up care

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How do I sign up for MMC and Me?

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If a patient has not received an invitation email but wishes to connect with MMC and Me the following should be done:

  1. Go to https://mmclinic.followmyhealth.com
  2. Enter login information.
  3. Fill in the appropriate information. Provide an accurate zip code. 
  4. Choose Murfreesboro Medical Clinic as the organization that you want to connect with.
  5. After completing these steps MMC will receive notice of the request for a connection. The process will be processed and a notice of the connection or rejection will be made.

Have a shared email address?
When two (or more) people share one email address issues logging in may arise. A FollowMyHealth™ Universal Health Record is tied to one login (typically an email address). Two (or more) people may use the same email address for notifications, but in order to have two distinct Universal Health Records, two email addresses are recommended, but not required.

Solution: Please create a new email address. This can be done by creating a new account.

Note: This new email address can be used for login only. It is easily setup to have all notifications go to one email address as described here.

Why is it asking me for my information again?
If someone has already registered and the registration screen appears again it is because they are attempting to create a new account through a different authentication method. They need to try another known login to see if that will pass through the existing account. Once into the record, you may add a new authentication method.

I keep receiving this error when I try to login “We were unable to authenticate you for the chosen application”?
This error occurs when your browser version is incompatible.  Please check the client requirements for compatible browsers.

Popups Blocked
In order to authenticate you, we must have a popup handle some communication between us and your chosen authentication method behind the scenes. If you are having trouble getting in, please add www.followmyhealth.com to your unblocked sites locked.

"I Accept" is grayed out
During the registration process, you will be prompted to agree on one or more screens. The “I Accept” button will not become clickable until necessary criteria have been met. If you are providing information, please fill in all fields (optional: SSN). It is important to remember when typing in your date of birth please us either "-" or "/" to separate month, day and year. Example (01/01/2012); if you are at the HIPAA agreement, please select if you are the “Patient” or “Guardian” to proceed.

How do I export appointments?
In the “Appointments” section, select the drop down menu (iCAL) in the top right corner of the window (just below the “Sign Out” button).  This menu will offer you the option to “Export Appointment” to a location of your choosing.  Then, simply open the appointment with your calendar application (Outlook for example) to add it to your calendar, and potentially your phone.

How do I delete a provider?
Under the “My Providers”, select the provider that you would like to remove from your list, once highlighted, the red “X” at the top of that window becomes illuminated.  Click it once to remove that provider; click “Yes” to verify.

How do I recover a provider?
To recover a provider, click on your name in the top right corner.  Then select “Recover Delete Items”  at the bottom of the list.  Select the provider you would like to recover ad then select “Save”.

What is the order of providers listed in "My Providers"?
Providers are listed by who you have had the most encounters with most often visited first to visited the least last.

Is there an app for the iPhone/Android/mobile devices?
Yes, click here to be redirected to the app store for more information on the "Follow My Health Mobile" app.

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Technical Requirements:

  • Compatible Browsers: Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Mozilla FireFox 2 & 3, Google Chrome 4, Safari 1 & 2
  • Operating Systems: Windows or MAC 

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Average turnaround times:

View medical record after initial sign up – up to 1 week

Please allow the following intervals for interactions with your health care providers:
Message request for a call back or follow up – 1 business day
Appointment request – 1 business day
Request for Rx refill – 2 business days
View test results – 7 business days
View notes from office visit – within 15 days of the visit

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Support Options:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 888-670-9775

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