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Free Skin Cancer Screenings Provided by MMC Dermatology

May 3rd, 2022

Did you know? 

• 1 in 5 Americans will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. 

• One blistering sunburn significantly increases a person’s risk for developing melanoma. 

• Tanning bed use (even once!) increases melanoma risk by 20%. 

Protect the skin you’re in! 

• Mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide, titanium dioxide) SPF30 or greater applied every 2 hours provides adequate protection for children and adults. 

• Long sleeves protect for a long time! Choose sun protective clothing and wide brimmed hats. 

• Keep children in shade to protect them from UV exposure. Play outdoors in the morning or evenings when the sunisn’t as bright. 

Free Skin Cancer Screenings 

May is nationally recognized as Skin Cancer Awareness month. For the past several years, MMC Dermatology has offered free skin cancer screenings for new patients in the month of May. And they are proud to provide that same offer again this year! New patients will be scheduled with Carolyn Goodman Henn, DNP/FNP-C, who recently joined the practice as Dr. Brad Bledsoe’s Nurse Practitioner in 2021. Any additional treatment or procedure recommended will be scheduled accordingly. For more than 25years MMC Dermatology has served our community by providing adults and children the very best in skin care. To schedule an appointment, call 615-867-8220 or

Your health is our mission. 

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