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Healthy Date Night & Day Date Ideas

April 26th, 2021

Looking for date ideas, but trying to stay healthy? I would love to share some of my favorite date night and day date ideas that are tons of fun and will allow you to stay on track!

Keeping it local, let's first talk about some restaurants that offer healthier options and a great "date" atmosphere right here in town. If you haven't been to Primrose Table, it's a must! I love their seasonal, local menu. You can often find healthy choices on their menu such as fresh fish and unique veggie sides - hint hint, the coconut creamed kale is awesome. Try their marcona almond hummus, and instead of pita ask for cucumbers. You won't regret it. Another local date night spot is Steakhouse Five. Consider getting a lean piece of steak or a cut of wild salmon from their menu on your date night. While the tab may be a little pricier, there are some healthy options to choose from that are full of flavor. My personal favorite is their Brussels sprouts!

Often dates revolve around food, but there are great date alternatives in Murfreesboro that don't have to include a meal. Climb Murfreesboro is a great activity to try on a day date or evening date! As a couple you can learn a new skill and get active! Also, consider checking out local parks such as Barfield Crescent Park or the Stones River Battlefield, where you can hike and explore local history. If you are feeling up for it, you can pack a lunch and have a picnic - include finger foods such as string cheese, grapes, whole grain crackers and lean deli meats to make it easier. Be sure to stay hydrated - pack a big jug of water for your day full of activity. Dates that keep you active not only allow quality time, but help you reach your weight loss goals too!

If you are looking to venture out of Murfreesboro for a date, consider escaping to Nashville for the day. You can get your steps in by exploring the Frist Art Museum. They currently have a great Picasso exhibit all the way from France. It will be there until May, and I promise you do not want to miss it. Another favorite in Nashville is a little local restaurant called Epice. It is in the 12 South neighborhood and boasts fresh Lebanese dishes including lamb and fresh fish. The atmosphere is intimate, and the food is fresh and healthy; what better way is there to spend a date night? My personal favorite dish is the Sayadeya, a white flakey fish served with grilled vegetables and lentils. The street that Epice is located on allows for walking and exploring, so after your meal head next door to the park for a walk, or walk down 12th Avenue South and take a peek in all the shops. Another way to get those steps in!

Caring for your health should not be a chore. Here at MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, we’re all about creative, healthy fun! We’re here to help you reach your goals and establish a sustainable, healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions for us or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please call 615-867-8100 today!

Your health is our mission.

By Lauren Holland, FNP-C

MMC Weight Loss and Wellness

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