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Weight Loss and Wellness Testimonial - Tony Cali

March 8th, 2021

Before retirement, Tony Cali did not struggle much with his weight. His active job with the USPS kept him moving and helped him maintain a weight that he was comfortable with. After spending a year in retirement, however, Tony became less mobile and started gaining weight fast.

“The thing I was most concerned about was not being able to lose some of the pounds that I had put on,” Tony said. “But also, I was feeling a little bit lethargic – less energy, not feeling up to doing some of the things that I really wanted to do.”

Tony had tried to lose weight with diets like the Mediterranean Diet and the Birmingham Diet in the past.

“I mostly tried to do it on my own and was not successful,” he said.

In February of 2020, he decided to get the help he needed.

“I heard from a couple that I know from church that were involved [with MMC Weight Loss and Wellness] and were having success, and [they] recommended it to me,” Tony said. “I looked into it further and checked out the insurance side of it and decided that it was well worth the copays to come in and give it a try.”

When Tony began his customized weight loss plan with MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, he was concerned that it would be very difficult to make the changes that he needed to make to lose weight.

“[I had] some gradual weight loss starting in February and was very happy to see that it came along very well – a little bit at a time – and was able to reach my goal weight,” he said. “It was a lot easier than I thought it would be, but only with the help of the nutritionists and the nurse practitioners here at MMC.”

Tony says that he was given the tools he needed to succeed in any situation. Whether it’s a creative exercise or a gathering with large amounts of food, he was not thrown off track because he always had a plan.

Tony said that the simplicity of the program played a major role in his success, but he also thinks that being honest with yourself and with your dieticians is critical.

“I think honesty is very important because you need to stay in the moment and you need to stay with the program, and you need to admit when there’s some difficulties or some problems that you need help with.”

Now that he has reached his goal weight, Tony says that his life has changed. He is now more mobile and has more energy than before.

“It works,” he said. “For me, walking every day was a key to success. But whatever you do, if you stick with it and just be consistent and honest and keeping going, you will find that you can reach your goal.” He added, "I couldn't have done it on my own. God, my wife, the MMC Weight Loss and Wellness team, my family and my friends have all been a big help and continue to cheer me on as I continue down my path of wellness."

MMC Weight Loss and Wellness Nutritionist Devon Cox helped guide Tony throughout his weight loss journey.

“I am so pleased for Tony and his success,” Devon said. “He trusted the process and was consistent week after week. He believed in the Weight Loss and Wellness program and was dedicated to reaching his goal. I am proud to have played a part in his weight loss journey.”

For more information about MMC Weight Loss and Wellness, please visit If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule an appointment, please call615-867-8100.

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