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Part 1: Medication Effects on the Voice Function

August 19th, 2020

The next couple blogs will focus on common medications and how they can affect vocal function. Today we will specifically focus onantihypertensive medications. These are more commonly known as blood pressure medications.

Generally, all blood pressure medications have a drying effect on the upper airways. Patient's will often experience dry mouth. This can also affect the normal lubrication required within the throat for proper vocal cord function. Without proper lubrication, the vocal folds do not vibrate naturally. Patients with generally experience a dry, raspy throat. Proper hydration with water both before and after speaking engagements and performances can go a long way toward preserving normal vocal function. The natural remedies such as ginger have also been shown to help with lubrication of the voice. Future blogs will address homeopathic remedies.

By Andrew Celmer, M.D. - MMC Comprehensive ENT Specialists

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