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MMC's Neurology CNA, Libby Stark, Receives MS Certification

September 17th, 2018

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s Neurology CNA, Libby Stark, Receives MSCertification

Libby Stark, a CNA in Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’sNeurology department, is now a Certified Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Specialist.After completing the examination covering the fundamentals of MS,multidisciplinary MS care and patient empowerment, Libby is proud to be one of MMC’sthree Certified MS specialists. Libby joins Joy Derwenskus, D.O., M.S., andJanet Brown, FNP-BC, MSCN.

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’s (MMC) Neurology department isrecognized as a Partner in MS Care. This formal recognition honors thedepartment’s commitment to providing exceptional, coordinated MS care; andcontinuing partnership with the Society to address the challenges of peopleaffected by MS.

Libby joined MMC Neurology in February of 2017 and has sincebeen passionately serving the community’s MS population alongside Dr. JoyDerwenskus. She has been a great asset to the MMC staff, and this newcertification will continue to provide her with more tools and education toprovide multiple sclerosis patients with the highest quality of care.

MMC Neurologist, Dr. Joy Derwenskusshares, "Not only is Libby bright and thoughtful, but she also takes thetime to answer questions.  Almost everyday a patient will comment to me about Libby's exceptional care.  She seems to put patients with a chronicneurologic condition at ease.  Thiscertification only adds to the expertise available to patients living withmultiple sclerosis at MMC." 

The MMC Neurology Department is proud to be one of the twoMS Partners in Care Clinics in Middle Tennessee. For more information about howto connect with the Neurology department at MMC, please visit, orcall (615) 867-8090 today. Your health is our mission.

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