MMC Gastroenterology Earns High ADR Scores for Colonoscopy Screenings Exceeding National Average

August 22nd, 2018

Murfreesboro Medical Clinic’sGastroenterology department has received impressive results regarding their 2017adenoma detection rate (ADR) for colonoscopy screenings.

What is an Adenoma DetectionRate (ADR)? ADR is the widely accepted national benchmark on quality forcolonoscopy screenings. An adenoma is a tumor that is benign and can be removedduring a colonoscopy, but without detection it can grow and turn malignant. A physician’s ADR is related to the number ofindividuals undergoing a colonoscopy screening who have one or more adenomasdetected. A high ADR represents a higher rate of detection, which correlates toa lower risk of colon cancer.

The MMC Gastroenterology departmentreceived an ADR of 41.25% in 2017, exceeding the national average colonoscopyADR of 20% for females and 30% for males. These impressive results prove thatMMC’s Gastroenterologists continue to provide exceptional service to theMurfreesboro community.

MMC Gastroenterologist, Dr.Cregan Laborde, notes, “Meetingnational quality targets is essential for colon cancer prevention and reductionof cancer mortality. The MMC Gastroenterology team is committed to deliveringhigh quality patient care and is excited about exceeding quality performancebenchmarks.”

Regular colonoscopy screeningsshould begin at the age of 50, and should be repeated every ten years if thereare no adenomas detected. If abnormalities or cancerous cells are detected, aphysician may recommend more frequent screenings.

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