Murfreesboro Medical Clinic Employee Committee Donates to Endure Athletics and Special Kids

June 18th, 2018

MMC Hearts& Hands Employee Committee oversees fundraising events and donations madethroughout the year by MMC staff. Every year, MMC employees choose a few localorganizations that will benefit from the charitable giving. In 2017, MMC wasproud to support two local charities, Endure Athletics and Special Kids Therapyand Nursing Center.

MurfreesboroMedical Clinic is passionate about community involvement and giving back, whichis why the Hearts & Hands project was formed. Through this project and thevarious fundraisers performed within the clinic family, MMC was proud to donate$5,705 to the two charities chosen for last year.

EndureAthletics, located in Murfreesboro, serves the homeless youth in RutherfordCounty. They offer several opportunities, including after-school, weekend, andsummer camp programs to offer children a free, structured and encouragingenvironment to grow. Endure Athletics focuses on literacy and mentorship, inaddition to fitness and athletics. Their goal is to enrich the lives of thehomeless youth in our community.

Special Kidsis a Christian Therapy and Nursing Center for children with special needs. Theyoffer various therapy options, including physical, occupational and speech therapy.Special Kids also provides many other resources, both for children with specialneeds and their families. Their mission is to provide care for not only thechild, but also for the entire family.

Joey Peay,Chief Executive Officer of MMC, noted, “While the supported organizationstypically change from year to year, the overwhelming support and passion of thestaff of MMC for these non-profit, community service organizations is trulyheartwarming. It makes me proud to lead an organization with so much compassionshown by our staff for their neighbors in need!”

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