At the Comprehensive Breast Center, we can use several different techniques to biopsy a palpable mass in the breast, mammographic abnormality, or an abnormality only seen on ultrasound.   The procedures are performed under local anesthetic through a small 5-7 mm incision.  A stereotactic breast biopsy is a type of minimally invasive biopsy that is performed using mammography (x-rays) to locate breast abnormalities that been detected on mammography. The procedure is performed in an office setting.  During the procedure, a patient lies face down on a special table with her breast protruding through a hole in the table's surface.  The table is connected to a computer that produces detailed x-ray images of the abnormality to be biopsied.   Using these images, the doctor guides a special core needle sampling device into the suspicious lesion to collect tissue specimens.  If a lesion is not seen on mammography but is detected on ultrasound, we can use a ultrasound probe and a biopsy core needed is directed into the lesion under direct ultrasound vision for the biopsy. We utilize both the Vacora and Mammosite breast biopsy devices for these procedures.