We are a collective group of surgeons dedicated to compassionate, timely and cutting edge care of breast health issues.  As leaders of the multidisciplinary team approach we are dedicated to addressing patients concerns or radiologic findings as quickly as possible, making concerted effort in shortening the time from presentation to diagnosis.  In this same way, most lesions may be biopsied by minimally invasive techniques, requiring a tiny scar and minimal scarring, as well as quick return to work & life activities.  For many lesions we are able to obtain a diagnosis the same day as the biopsy, being able to greatly shorten the time of anxious waiting.

As surgeons with more than 20 years of experience collectively and dedicated to extra training in the latest techniques of diagnosis and treatment, we care for your breast health and concerns with passion & concern.  The ability to do this is under one roof from mammogram to possible biopsy & out patient surgery.

We have a dedicated hotline for physicians who have new radiologic findings or palpable concerns and for patients who find a lump when doing their self exams, to speak with one of our team and to be seen & evaluated quickly and thoroughly.
Allow us to dedicate our education, expertise and caring to your health and peace of mind.