Plastic surgery is that discipline of surgery oriented toward remolding or reshaping in order to enhance appearance or minimize deformity as a result of congenital, traumatic or disease processes by helping you to understand your condition and the role of plastic surgery, our goal is to help you understand your condition and the role of your plastic surgeon, while providing a comfortable environment during what may be a stressful time. It is our desire that this philosophy allows you to make informed decisions about your care and what plastic surgery can accomplish for you.  


In the area of plastic surgery, it is often important to consult with other professionals to meet the needs of our patients both physically and psychologically. We work with health care professionals throughout Middle Tennessee and in the Clinic. For example, at Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, our department works closely with the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and General Surgery in the treatment of breast cancer. We routinely consult with the department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine in the treatment of birth defects in children. 

At Murfreesboro Medical Clinic, the resources needed to ensure a rapid, accurate diagnosis of your condition are readily available. Comprehensive laboratory and radiological services are provided within the Clinic. Because outside diagnostic services are not usually required, your condition and care are kept confidential.

Adding to patient convenience, confidentiality, and cost savings, many reconstructive and cosmetic procedures can be performed in the Clinic's SurgiCenter, or in the office. Blepharoplasty (eyelid enhancements), soft-tissue repair, and other procedures are routinely performed in the SurgiCenter. The SurgiCenter is licensed by the State of Tennessee and offers patients the convenience, comfort, confidentiality, and personal attention that is welcome when outpatient surgery is an option.

Patients are seen by appointment only in an effort to keep waiting time to a minimum. Appointments can be made by calling any of the numbers listed on the General Information page. As a courtesy to other patients, we ask that you notify our office if you are unable to make your scheduled appointment.